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Halloween Recipes (Wars)

halloween supplies
Halloween 2014 Sorted
So, I was totally organised. I bought my Halloween supplies a few weeks ago, cookie cutters, silicone molds, decorative glasses and a few other bits for presentation. Have I used any of it? Nope. At first it was because I was feeling a bit run down and just couldn't be bothered, then I decided that I didn't want to be eating loads of cookies and cakes (inevitable if I made them) as the treadmill is still cosied up under the stairs and I'm avoiding the scales at all costs. Whoever still thinks that a gluten free diet means losing weight is a nincompoop.

I still plan on doing lots of exciting Halloween type stuff but it's not going to be in time for the actual day, nor is it likely to be sweet stuff. In my eternal random fashion you will probably see Halloween posts going up around Christmas time, or next Summer, who knows. In my world Halloween is year round, there's always some element of it going on so it's quite fitting really.

Another reason that I've been so slack is due to a discovery that has simply made me gush with wonder and awe. Something so perfect that I realised any attempt I made at creating some cool things for this time of year would dive bomb into the realms of utter, pityful cr*p.

I present to you, Halloween Wars.

halloween wars
Photo Courtesy of The Food Network
A bit of casual channel flicking found me on The Food Network on Saturday afternoon, it was meant to be. Looking at the programme guide I noticed that the next show on was Halloween Wars, now any mention of Halloween will pique my interest so I got a bit excited. Having read the show synopsis I knew I was going to love it, didn't quite realise just how much though.

(If you're familiar with this show you might want to stop reading, as you'll know all I'm about to say.)

It's a simple premise, same set up as Cupcake Wars (but oh so daaark). Wait. Maybe you don't know Cupcake Wars...

I'm not a huge fan of Cupcakes, I find them a bit twee, I like Fairy Cakes, Fairy Cakes are the magical older cousins to Cupcakes... I digress, both Wars involves teams who are set tasks in time limits. For Halloween Wars the first task is 45 minutes the second 5 hours and in this time they have to follow a brief such as 'show us the Underwold', 'Zombie Wedding' or 'deepest fears'.

Each team has an expert Pumpkin carver, a cake decorator and a candy maker and they have to bring their skill sets together to create things (read as ART (well, except for the drowing bear, that was utter pants)) out of those components.

I watched for 4 hours straight.

"That's soooo clever" was uttered at pretty much everything.

Then the wonderful Glutenite found me the second season and I watched that for 4 hours straight the next day.

My mind is still agog at what I saw. 

I'm waiting for the final episode to air so that I can have another fix of the most recent season. It's Halloween Crack.

Here are some of the creations:

halloween wars clown
Photo Courtesy of The Food Network
I'm not fond of clowns due to my irresponsible / overly trusting / idiotic parents who left 5 year old me with an 11 year old Cousin who delighted in showing me Poltergeist in a darkened room. To say I'm not fond of her is an understatement. Halloween YES, Clowns, NO, never, ever. Cousins? Meh.

Petty clever though. Pumpkin face, Candy Floss hair, blown sugar nose and loads of cake.

halloween wars goblin
Photo Courtesy of The Food Network
I like this little guy. I think the idea behind this was a child's carved Pumpkin having been inhabited by a Goblin who eats the kids who are Trick or Treating. I'd like one of those for certain neighbours, I'd call him Dave.

halloween wars clown
Photo Courtesy of The Food Network
Eugh. Another one, so well done though. The blown sugar balloon animal is a thing of greatness.

I love this next one, it's incredible.

halloween wars zombie wedding
Photo Courtesy of The Food Network
A Zombie Wedding complete with Gargoyle overseeing the vows. Look at the details on those Pumpkin heads.

So yes, I'm hooked. I can't believe this is a once a year show of only 4 episodes per series. I NEED MORE! I just want to repeat "that's so clever" over and over again, because it is, these people (well, most of them, bear lady exempt) have maaad skillz.

Here's the complete second season if you're interested and if you like Halloween you really, really should be:

You're welcome :)

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