Thursday, 10 October 2013

DS Gluten Free Frozen White Rolls And Stuff

ds gluten free frozen rolls
Prior To 'Crisping' In The Oven
If you read my last post you will know that we had some rolls delivered by a very confused Tesco man. These are said rolls. 

I don't think 'roll' is a good enough word to use here, they should be celebrated with a moniker of far more grandeur, something like Breadlingtons or you know, something else. If you want to know why you should read this. We're talking the Rolls Royce equivalent of gluten free bread stuffs here, I have a very full freezer.

In other news, The Glutenite has been working from home, so now eats his breakfast here too. Thing is, it's Oat So Simple and the warning is this:

oat so simple allergy advice
I don't think I've ever shared how I came to be gluten free on here, I guess now may be the time. Then you'll know why out of everything, why Barley is the ingredient that I fear the most, even just in text.

In May 2007 I went through a period of really awful stress and started to feel very unwell. I had debilitating stomach problems and was constantly lethargic. At first I thought maybe I had a virus but as the weeks went on nothing changed, I was very zombieish (my usual morning demeanour though, still).

When I started having those issues in 2007 it never occurred to me to go to the doctors. As with everything I expected it to go away by itself or with a little help from Mother Nature's bounty. Of course, it didn't. Over time it became absolutely apparent that I was having issues with food. If I didn't eat I didn't get any symptoms, there was the element that it was manageable, yet it wasn't because how could I not eat? It didn't occur to me that I could have a food allergy or intolerance and I felt so run down, but I just plodded along suffering through the symptoms and somehow 'living life'.

One afternoon in January 2009 I was sat at my desk working, I had just dished up a big bowl of homemade Vegetable Soup with a copious amount Barley (if you winced reading that believe me, I shuddered writing it). Soon after I started spooning what I didn't realise at the time was poison into my mouth, the obvious stomach pains started, then the obvious trip to the bathroom, the first of many.

This day though something clicked. I remember looking down at the bowl of goodness to many, pure evil to me and thinking, THIS, this is why I'm so ill, there's something in this bowl that is trying to ruin my life and doing a pretty good job.

I typed Barley Allergy into Google.

A few hours later having read through countless blogs and articles I email my beloved Glutenite "I think I know why I've been so ill. I think I have an allergy to something called gluten".

A huge learning curve has since been slid upon.

That was the day I became gluten free and aside of the odd newbie fall off the wagon (always unintentional) I slowly regained my health and reclaimed my life from the B*&%$£* foodstuff that is the horrific gluten.

That is why if there is anything in the sink, the used Oat So Simple bowl is put here:

bowl in bath
In Ze Bath
Where it cannot escape, because there may or may not be barley in there, but the mere thought of it sends shivers down my spine. Bleugh.

On a more positive note, I am in possession of my favourite Byron Bay Cookies once again thanks to an impromptu trip to Sainsbury's. Oh and Chopped Herring, it's mad that you have to visit so many different supermarkets to get everything you want.

Aaaaaannyway, Halloween is fast approaching, I might make something wonderfully ghoulish to celebrate. 


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