Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sakata Gluten Free Rice Crackers

sakata rice crackers
Sakata Gluten Free Crackers
I've decided that they need their own post, that's how good they are (previous mention here). Were it not for the fact that we're having a shared dinner this evening I would have eaten most (if not all) of the pack already.

I've been waiting to try Sataka Crackers ever since they followed me on Twitter, thanks to an unexpected trip to Waitrose I finally got to try them. Just one flavour in store this time though.

sakata rice crakers
Sakata Gluten Free Goodness
I've always been a fan of rice crackers but sometimes they're just a chewy, tasteless mess. These are really, really good and quite possibly the best rice cracker I have ever eaten.

Sakata are a lovely texture and the sour cream and chives flavour is quite strong, just how I like it. You don't really need anything else to eat these with, they hold up so well on their own. I honestly can't say that about any other kind of gluten free cracker (and I've tried a lot), these are by far the best for eating on their lonesome, just like crisps but healthier (you wouldn't know that from the taste).

Other flavours are: Original, Classic Cheddar and Sizzling Barbecue - Now I just have to get hold of those too.

Yay for Sakata!

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