Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Homemade Gluten Free Crisps

homemade crisps
Gluten Free Chilli Crisps
I'm a bit tired of crisp flavours tasting so artificial, so as the oil was already heating on the hob to cook Calamari, I decided to do a quick experiment.

I washed and dried a potato, used a potato peeler to get slices, dried the pieces off with kitchen paper, then put the potato slices into the hot oil for a minute or so. Voila! Simply drain and add herbs or spices for your desired flavour. We went for chilli as we love a bit of heat.
Couldn't be easier and they tasted so fresh and natural. I recommend Crisp n Dry to cook them in.

how to make homemade chips
Uncooked Crisps Ready To Fry
Happy Munching!

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