Friday, 17 February 2012

Freedom Deli Gluten Free Meals

freedom deli

Enjoying being in the kitchen and cooking is great as a coeliac, but there are just some instances when you don't have time, can't be bothered or maybe you simply can't cook that great. That's where convenience is needed and where Freedom Deli saves the day!

I'm really fussy about quality ingredients but no need to worry about that with the Freedom Deli Gluten Free Meals, they are free from gluten, wheat, additives, artificial flavours and preservatives. Sadly for me they aren't free from pepper (I'm allergic in case you haven't seen those posts) so I haven't been lucky enough to try the sumptuous looking Fish Pie yet. Though I have been salivating over the photo for months, and months.

freedom deli fish pie
Gluten Free Fish Pie - How Good Does That Look?!
Also available are a rather luxurious looking Beef Lasagna and a good old fashioned hearty Shepherds Pie, both of which look absolutely appealing, but I haven't eaten red meat since I was a child, so I'm thwarted there too. For the majority of coeliacs though, these are three great gluten free meal options that require minimum effort to prepare. Simply heat them up in the oven and serve with or without accompaniments. A proper gluten free meal without any fuss.

freedom deli lasagna
Gluten Free Beef Lasagna
freedom deli shepherds pie
Gluten Free Shepherds Pie
All of these can be ordered at the Freedom Deli Online Store or for stockist information click that link.

Angela the lovely lady behind Freedom Deli understands coeliac disease, so you can be sure that her gluten free meals are safe. That's a big deal to me as you will know full well from past blog posts if you have seen them. I take my gluten free diet extremely serious, if there's a chance that I could be at risk, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

I can safely say that were Freedom Deli to introduce meals to their range that were suitable for me personally, I wouldn't hesitate to try them. I'm hoping that in the coming months I do get the opportunity to try something new from Freedom Deli because I do think that they are doing an amazing job with their gluten free meals, they certainly look incredibly tasty. I'm just miffed about being left out thanks to the wonderful pepper allergy that restricts my diet on top of coeliac. If I do get to try something, you can be sure there will be a post about it, I'm quite excited at the prospect!

All you lucky ones without a pepper allergy, try these wonderful gluten free ready meals, enjoy, then boast about how wonderful it was on Twitter. I'll continue to sulk about the pepper allergy ;)

Lovely long weekend for me but there will be a post on Monday, let's just say that I've gone a bit crackers.

Have a wonderful weekend all.

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