Friday, 14 June 2013

My Most Accomplished Recipe To Date

prawn bacon bites
King Prawns, Streaky Bacon, Primula Cheese, Oh And Chips
The Glutenite wanted to call these Pig Prawn Bites but I'm going with the more delicate version of Cheesy Bacon Prawn Bites. I actually prefer his name but I'm playing at demure.

Not taxing in any way but absolutely delish. I tried these out on skewers a week or so ago and they didn't end up looking how I wanted, done this way they look like little parcels but I still haven't figured out how to get the cheese inside and not splurging all over the foil under the grill.

This is of course not my most accomplished recipe but in light of recent mess ups (keeping it demure) it didn't go wrong and I did say I'd be back today so here I am with the most simple 3 ingredient recipe. I was inspired by this wonderful post on BBC Food.

This made 14 bites:

14 King Prawns
7 Rashers of Streaky Bacon
1 Tube of Primular Cheese with Prawns
Chips Optional


  • Devein the prawns
  • Cut the rashers into halves
  • Wrap half a rasher around each prawn
  • Put under a hot pre-heated grill for 8-10 minutes turning halfway through
  • Put onto a plate and squeeze a big dollop of cheese on top

prawn bacon bites
Cheesy Bacon Prawn Bites Pre-Cheese
The artistry that comes from our kitchen is superb sometimes.

You know how Bacon works so good with Scallops? Same with meaty Prawns and I think that cheese and fish and shellfish goes so good together if you get the balance right.

No experiments for me today just good old DS Pizza for dinner and a weekend full of tennis. They may be Pimm's if I behave.

Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for reading :)

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