Monday, 21 January 2013

Yoki Cheese Popcorn

yoki cheese popcorn
Cheese Popcorn
I'm a huge fan of cheese and a lover of flavoured popcorn so when I saw this I couldn't wait to try it. The cooking smell was incredible, even while it was in the microwave, our entire apartment smelt like we had been making cheese for a month. To some that may sound stinky, to us, very appetising!

cheese popcorn
Munch First, Photo Later
I was really impressed with it, it smelt amazing and tasted even better. It wasn't an overpowering cheese taste and certainly not an artificial tasting flavour, just very well balanced and evenly coated on every popped kernel.

Question is, where does the cheese flavour come from?

yoki cheese popcorn ingredients
No Cheese
I took that photo to document that Yoki Cheese Popcorn is indeed gluten free, however I only just noticed when uploading it that there doesn't appear to be any cheese listed in the ingredients, just "Identical Cheese Aroma".

Corn, Vegetable Fat and Salt, where's the cheese?! Maybe aroma isn't meant to be aroma but rather flavour. Lost in translation? I don't know but I do know that I enjoyed it immensely. 

Curiosity got the better of me:

google translate
Nailed It
Could be that the "identical" bit is also wrong but I don't have the wrapper to find out (the white sticker is covering the original text in the photo).

So regardless, I really enjoyed Yoki Cheese Popcorn and I'd have it again. However, it wouldn't be hard to replicate from scratch. Get some butter popcorn and sprinkle over some Parmesan once it's popped, easy! 

As you can see from the photo of the popcorn in the bag, there isn't any melted cheese, a light powdery coating is all it needs. I recommend using butter popcorn because Parmesan is salty so you wouldn't want to used salted popcorn as the base flavour.

On the subject of cheese, today I learnt that you can make Cottage Cheese in a microwave. Simply heat a large bowl of full fat milk on high until it reaches a rolling boil, add the juice of 2 lemons and stir. Put back into the microwave for a minute until the curds and whey separate, then drain everything in a cheesecloth lined colander and rinse in cold water. Tie the cheesecloth and hang somewhere to drain for at least an hour. You now have cottage cheese, how easy is that?!

Not sure where I'd hang a bag of cheese but hey, I like to be informative.

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