Thursday, 17 January 2013

Post Christmas Gluten Free Weight Loss Diet

I've never had to diet after a Christmas period before because I don't eat any differently during that time to the rest of the year. This is somewhat worse than just having to lose weight gained at Christmas though, this is weight gained since we moved in late August, happy eating weight gain resulting in half a stone. Ouch.

Two things are majorly to blame, Thorntons Chocolates and Jack Pots Crisps. I was eating both on a daily basis and enjoying them far too much. Other than that I was eating pretty normal, well as normal as you can possibly eat when you're experimenting for a gluten free comfort foods blog.

I've been monitoring calories somewhat for a couple of weeks now. During that time I've had absolutely no chocolate and no chips but I did give in to the utter temptation of Blair's Death Rain Crisps, a total chillihead weakness of mine.

So today I'm feeling a bit lighter and so I do the dreaded weigh-in. Same. Exactly the same bloody weight as I was two weeks ago. Damn you Blair!

I have a really big thing about me and The Glutenite eating together because prior to me being gluten free we didn't very often. He liked things I didn't and vice versa but I'm happy to say that I've turned him into a bit of a foodie and now we share most things, though low calorie shellfish isn't one of them. Typical.

Writing of my other half, there's actually another thing that I had been eating that I never usually would; Magnum's. After careful inspection of ingredients he lured me into frozen temptation, it's no wonder I've put on half a stone, I'm lucky it isn't more.

So I can't go all out calorie controlled because I'm not starving him and I don't want separate meals, the only option is portion regulation. Thing is, I never eat big meals anyway I physically can't do it. I've been starving hungry for two weeks and not lost anything, I must up my game which means.......

The Treadmill.

It's hard enough trying to lose weight and eat together so it's going to be impossible for me to create recipes and be on a weight loss diet too. Just as I was liking the idea of experimenting with baking again.

Looks like I'm going for long walkies if I want to remain a food blogger.

This time next week I had better lost a couple of pounds or else I'll have to start writing about lentils and lettuce leaves. Gluten free rabbit food would be a resounding hit I'm sure *wonky face*.

Thai Green Curry for dinner tonight, oops.

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