Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Goiabada Cascao - Guava Paste

goiabada cascao wrapper
I'll Explain...

Why the empty wrapper photo you may be wondering? Well the reason is hunger, I woke up hungry on Monday morning and thought.... fruit! I'll have that fruit thing, that'll be good for breakfast. It was, but first thing on a Monday morning there was never going to be a photo op of the goods, I can barely use my limbs prior to 11am.

I love browsing the world food aisles in the Tesco we go to and we've had some surprising gluten free finds, this is the latest, it's yum.

We always check out the Brazilian section now because purely by accident we discovered a Brazilian brand called Yoki, we love their Cheese Bread and we enjoyed munching their Bacon Popcorn, they have several clearly labelled gluten free things on offer.

The reason that the Goiabada Cascao caught my eye was because it's a Guava Paste. I've been wanted to add Guava to my diet for a while now but we've never seen them to buy. I absolutely love this stuff, it's like a cross between jam and jelly and while I realise that this doesn't have the health benefits of fresh Guava, it tastes blooming lovely.

guava paste
Guava Paste
I've since read about Guava Paste and have discovered that in Brazil it is eaten with Minas (a cows milk cheese), spread on toast or encased in an Empanada pastry, either way the combination sounds amazing and has the intriguing name of Romeo and Juliet.

I love finding new gluten free things like this - it is clearly labelled gluten free btw but on the back of the pack, no photo. World food aisles are there to be explored for the gluten free diet, you never know what you're going to find. New discoveries = more variety, gluten free never has to be boring.

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