Friday, 18 January 2013

Bento Boxes Are Great For Gluten Free On The Go

It might be considered a form of O.C.D. but how my food is stored and how it's served is a constant worry whenever I'm not in my own home. I've been glutened enough by others to know that I never want another episode and so if I have to come across all O.C.D. to make sure that doesn't happen, I will.

I was admiring Bento Boxes online one day when it stuck me that this would be the perfect solution to eating out. I could make my own food, hot or cold, take it to wherever I'm going and eat straight out of the box with my own non contaminated utensil. It's not like whipping out something from cling film or a food bag, it's actually quite a classy way to eat.

There's various Bento Box designs but what defines these from regular lunch boxes is that they have divisions, so you can carry both hot and cold food together or dry and wet food such as Chilli and Rice. They're a great little tool for the gluten free diet I've discovered.

I have a Black and Blum 'Box Appetit', it looks lovely, has three different sections for storing foods and sauces and comes with a fork which can also be used as a knife.

bento box
The little circle button on the lid (just above the large circle) makes the box water tight when pressed so you don't have to worry about any of the contents spilling into your bag. Or if you drop your lunch into a pond.

The lid when turned upside down can be used as a plate and the large circle provides a little sauce dish. Perfect for Sushi and Tamari Soy Sauce.

bento box lid plate
Lid Plate
Inside the square bowl are two containers.

bento box compartments
Fits A Good Size Meal
The small container is for sauces or dressings the large one for hot foods or wet food such as Curry. All parts can be microwaved and are dishwasher safe. The curved size of the fork can be used as a knife which means that you only need to eat with one hand, great for multitasking!

bento box components
Box Appetit
Anytime I'm out spanning a mealtime the Box Appetit comes with me. I don't have to rely on anyone preparing my food and there's no risk of cross contamination, it's something I wish that I'd thought of sooner and a lovely thoughtful Christmas gift from My Glutenite.

If you want a Box Appetit you can get one here in the UK or here in the US. There are other colour options available.

You of course don't have to go for this kind of Bento Box, there are loads of other designs available but I happen to love mine. A Bento Box is great for gluten free on the go!

Other options available UK / US

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