Monday, 29 October 2012

Weekend Eats 15 - Bad Blogger

Great gluten free food was eaten over the weekend as per usual but I have absolutely no photographic documentation of it. We've kind of been preoccupied by some new arrivals to the Free From G abode.

free from g fish tank
We Got Fish
We did so much research to get to this stage. Who knew that choosing/keeping cold water fish could be so complicated?! All very calming and peaceful to look at now though.

Some people buy fish for their kids, we bought ours for the Persian. Thankfully she doesn't view them as dinner, just as entertainment from her spot on the bed. They had quite a relaxing effect on all of us yesterday but this morning with the full moon approaching and no fish viewing, the Persian had a heightened version of one of her hyperactive moods. Once on the bed though, calm. We should have got fish sooner.

So now you know why there's a bit of a photo drought for the rest of this blog post. The fishes did it.

Fridays Fondue was lovely as always but I do miss the inclusion of Taleggio. That's now gone on the food shop missing list along with plain coconut water, quails eggs  and tamari soy sauce. We can now get samphire though so, it's not all bad.

Saturday was the usual lunch of Cheesy Chicken Bacon Bites that always hits the spot and dinner was the #1 favourite meal in this home, Smoked Poussin.

Sunday for brunch we each had smoked salmon with chive and tarragon scrambled eggs and a toasted DS Gluten Free Ciabatta halved and covered with cream cheese. I wish I'd taken a photo of this because it's something that we haven't had for ages and not only did it taste divine but it looked pretty good too.

I'd been craving smoked salmon for a while but didn't bother getting any because I've found that all have been too oily for me. As well as needing to be gluten free I also have allergies and intolerance's, one is fat. If I eat anything that is too oily it gives me reactions. I noticed a new smoked salmon brand on our weekly shop and it looked perfect, turned out it was, moist but not overly oily. It was Lyons and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

For the record, my other intolerance is salt but thankfully a food has to be really salty for me to be affected. I'm also allergic to pepper (the spice not the fruits) and tomato skins. Random I know but at least I know. After going gluten free and still having major issues it was a major mindf£$% to say the least before I found out.

Dinner last night was the Free From G Caesar Salad. We aren't salad people but when I came up with this as a hot weather meal earlier in the year it was an instant hit. I tend to serve all the components separately now though as the croutons and crispy bacon gets soggy quite fast. No soggy stuff here! We put our own salads together and then go in for seconds and thirds, that way everything stays the texture it should be. It's a bit of a mini salad bar thing going on. I love that.

Tonight there is *whispers* Smoked Sea Bass and Samphire on the menu. I'll leave it at that or else I'll start gushing about my love for Samphire again.

I've updated a very old recipe that never had photos, it now has photos! Check out my Pork Burger recipe, it's a seriously good one.

Back tomorrow :)

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