Monday, 1 October 2012

Weekend Eats 11

It's been months since I wrote a Weekend Eats post so I thought it was about time for another. Only problem is that I don't have any photographs through laziness, but maybe I'll come up with something as I'm writing. It's going to be a case of scroll and see for both you and I dear reader.

Since we moved Saturdays have become pig out day for me, I've no idea why. I wake up hungry and spend pretty much the entire afternoon eating once we're back from our weekly food shop. Like I say, this has only been since we moved and is quite out of character for me as I've never been a big eater. I guess maybe I've found some contentment after months of stress and worry and my appetite is healthier. Much healthier.

A usual Saturday lunch for us is Cheesy Chicken Bacon Bites, we usually come back from food shopping put everything away then make lunch but this week we were so hungry that we just put the cold stuff away and left the rest until later, meaning we could eat sooner. These past few weeks I've gotten into the habit of snacking as we prepare lunch and my snack of choice is Whelks. Not the obvious choice before a lunch of chicken, bacon and cheese but hey it works for me.

After lunch which these days doesn't consist of the chilli powder element (we've kind of got a bit wussy about chilli in general after a few 'incidents') I continued on. Next up were one of my all time favourite foods, Brown Shrimps with more Whelks. In case you don't know, I'm a shellfish fanatic. If there's one thing that will excite me about a cookery show it's when they bring out the shellfish, otherwise I'm a bit blah. The shrimps were perfectly salty which isn't always the case and I actually love the ritual of peeling them, even though these days I have to wear gloves to do so. For whatever reason, handling potatoes, shrimps and other things cause my nails to peel leaving them brittle and unsightly. Rubber gloves are a given these days, a highly attractive look!

A fig was also consumed but I'm not sure at what stage.

I then did my worst. I ate an entire Double Choc Brownie, something I've never done before in one go. 


By this stage you could call me a Zyggy Pig and give me a badge, I admit it.

After a few hours of eating downtime we made dinner which cooks for exactly an hour. This is the meal that requires the elusive big plates, the Stuffed Smoked Poussin wrapped in Streaky Bacon with all the trimmings (sorry Baby! (my OH will be drooling at this stage)). I really should get a picture of this meal because it's literally a taste sensation, but it would look far better presented on BIG PLATES!!!! This is the one recipe that I'm keeping secret for now. I've previously listed some of the ingredients but not the methods, this one I'm not giving away for free as I know it's my finest meal created from scratch to date. I'm really, really proud of it. Maybe one day I'll get to write a gluten free cookbook, who knows.

Sunday brunch consisted of Cheese Bread with Mozzarella and Smoked Sausage. Then later there was a bit of cake bar action which I'll probably do a review of this week. A new product for me and one definitely worth trying.

Dinner was a totally new recipe but being the lazyass that I am I didn't get any photos. Next time. This was just thrown together instinctively (always the best way for me) and it worked a treat. We were going to have Chicken Tinga Chimichangas but during the afternoon we decided that we couldn't be bothered with all the effort so we would make something really quick and easy instead. It went a little something like this:

Lemon and Lime Breaded Chicken Breast with Chips.

Chicken Breast, Tarragon Gravy, Dried Tarragon, Lemon Zest, Lime Zest, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, Hale and Hearty Breadcrumbs.

I cut the chicken into cubes and submerged it in enough tarragon gravy to cover it, added the juice of half a lemon and half a lime. Mixed up the breadcrumbs, dried tarragon and zests then coated the chicken in it. Deep fry for 3 minutes, done.

Next time I make this I'll do it properly for the blog and get photos. It's a really lovely coating for the chicken.

I had some coating mixture left over so I sliced some mozzarella and coated that too, naughty but nice.

Something I forgot to mention before is that I had been using pickled onion vinegar to dip the whelks into but I ran out. I can't have malt vinegar for obvious reasons and non brewed condiment hurts my stomach as it's too acidic. So I got an old fashion jar of pickle vinegar and have started using that instead, it worked perfectly. If you need a gluten free vinegar that isn't too acidic, try Sarson's Distilled Pickling Vinegar.

sarsons pickling vinegar
The Guitar Behind Looks Pickled. Or Angry
So that was my weekend of gluten free food. One thing I've learn from writing this post? Man, we eat s*%£loads of chicken!

Hurry up Friday :)

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