Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Baking Update

My foray into baking was a bit delayed due to my iPhone battery being dead and having still not unpacked everything from the move it took me an age to find a camera. Which also had a dead battery. I figured that I'd do the early stages without needing to document them photographically.

I am now at the 'dough' phase having charged my iPhone and documented a couple of steps. I have to say chaps, it's not looking good.

My dough was too dry and crumbly after following the recipe (I'm following a very basic recipe on the back of the flour pack which I'm adapting). I've added another egg (I'm using medium, I usually only use large) and now it could be that the dough is too wet. Ok, so there's no could about it, it is too wet. The recipe doesn't state which size egg to use, which is always helpful!

Reasons why baking probably isn't for me at this stage:

  1. I don't like having fat dough hands
  2. I don't like having to wait for the dough to rest
  3. I have no idea what the dough is actually meant to look like at this stage but I'm guessing it isn't like this:
gluten free dough experiment
Yeah, Way Too Wet

It's going to require a lot of tinkering before I can even attempt to roll it out.

This may very well be the first and last attempt at gluten free baking for moi. We just aren't suited.

Nothing yet from Roddy. How rude?!

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