Thursday, 19 July 2012

Kelkin Gluten Free Belgian Milk Chocolate Fingers

kelkin gluten free chocolate fingers
Excuse The Blur, Bit Out Of Practice
I'd never heard of Kelkin before last Saturday but oh what a find! I'm not really sure what regular chocolate product I would compare these to but they're absolutely lovely. Bubbly chocolate sandwiched between crisp wafers and covered in a really smooth Belgian chocolate.

Never having heard of this brand before I checked out their website and founds lots of gluten free offerings, though oddly, not the chocolate fingers that I'm writing about.

As you can see from the terrible photo, each portion comes in a little pack with 2 fingers. They are a bit on the small side but for a quick sweet treat they're ideal.

I guess going back to what I what compare them to, they're a bit of a Kit Kat / Areo hybrid. I don't recall having eaten anything like them before but I will definitely be buying them again.

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  1. They're like a cadbury's time out! Delish!


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