Monday, 18 June 2012

Warning: Pessimistic Coeliac Mood

So this is my second chicken stock attempt.

chicken stock
It Smells Lovely
Problem is, I thought that by refrigerating it the fat would easily be skimmed off. I thought wrong.
Look at this vile, disgusting mess.

skim from homemade stock
That's what I've managed to get off the top of the stock so far but it still has a huge amount of oil in it. So much that I dare not taste test it due to my fat intolerance.

I fear that my stock making abilities might be right up there with my baking skills i.e. non existent.

Do you ever have those days where everything goes wrong? I seem to be having full months of it back to back. The chicken stock is a minor annoyance, everything else is just blah too.


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