Thursday, 14 June 2012

I'll Be Honest, It Was A Disaster

After 14 hours in the slow cooker I assumed that the chicken stock would have been packed full of flavour. I was wrong. After successfully removing all the fat and being able to taste, it was a watery mess that lacked everything. I failed.

I know where I went wrong because my old fashioned Chicken Casserole has bags of flavour with no use of any pre-bought stock, I needed to add vegetables for the base flavour. No more late night stock making for me. Next time I will triumph!

Today I woke up for the second day running with an all over achiness that I cannot explain. I fear it's a reaction to something but other than tasting the stock I haven't eaten or drunk anything out of the ordinary. It's a bit of a mystery.

It's easing now, just the same as yesterday, in a couple of hours it will probably be totally gone, again, just like yesterday. Both days I have had a fleeting interest in the tennis at Queens and for me a fleeting interest in tennis has never been the case. That's how I know I feel dreadful. If I'm not interested in tennis my brain has basically shut down.

Ever the optimist, brain and body will be back in good working order tomorrow.


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