Friday, 8 June 2012

The Allergy Mystery

I figured out that I was allergic to pepper and tomato skins just after I realised that I couldn't eat gluten. It was a hard one to pin point because at first I thought it was the seeds but after eating countless tins of peeled plum tomatoes and being fine I concluded that it therefore must be the tomato skin that I'm allergic to.

But now I'm wondering again.

When we had our Smoked Lemon Sole, amongst other things I served it with a lovely side of Baby Plum Tomatoes cooked in the oven in foil with crushed Garlic, Capers and a good drizzle of olive oil. I cooked it this way because I knew that the skin would just peel right off and it did.

I ate none of the skin but I had a reaction after eating it and the following day I had terrible stomach pains and numerous bathroom visits. What's odd about this is that when glutened it takes my body a while to react, when it's an allergy the reaction is straight away and over in a few hours. I have no idea what has gone on but I definitely did not eat gluten.

Another possibility is that it was the olive oil. I have a fat intolerance and though I didn't use much oil on the tomatoes I did drizzle the cooking juices over my meal.

Anyway, symptoms seem to have passed so that's all good, it's just annoying when you can't pin point a reaction.

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