Thursday, 9 February 2012

Gluten Free Meal Planning

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Something that has really helped me on my gluten free diet is meal planning. I don't mean being regimental about it, but by us planning meals on a Friday night in preparation for our Saturday shop, we rarely waste ingredients and are never stuck for what to eat.

If I didn't plan meals I'd just graze, I'm one of those people who regularly miss lunch because I'm too busy working. For evening meals alone I just don't have the inclination to want to cook for myself and so I end up having picky things. For the past few weeks though my fiance and I have been having weekday dinners together and it has made such a difference.

I've still been missing lunch but at least I've been eating proper meals of an evening rather than grazing. Plus, I've been getting loads more vegetables into my diet too, that can't be a bad thing. I'm not strict about meal planning, we don't have set meals on set days but what I do is choose a meal, write down the ingredients needed for that one then move onto the next. Sometimes we don't end up having the meals we've planned, we use those ingredients for something else, a variation.

One thing that I will say about being on a gluten free diet is that is it so much easier if you like to cook. There are so many ingredients that are naturally gluten free, if you can cook and enjoy experimenting it's far better to make meals from scratch rather than using gluten free alternatives.

I was an ok cook before I went gluten free but I have definitely increased my cooking skills through being on the diet. I'll never be a baker, I'm not that keen on cakes and biscuits and all those baking wonders that people come up with, it isn't really my style. I have plenty of naughty gluten free recipes that I've come up with so not being a baker too is probably just as well.

Plan-buy-cook, it works for me.

I am having fondue for dinner (I can barely contain my excitement!!!!!!!!!), This time there shall be some Comte introduced, I expect spectacular results and a very full tummy. Me and my treadmill will become best friends once again as of Monday.

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