Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Craig McAlpine A Coeliac On Come Dine With Me

come dine with me

Can't embed the video unfortunately but here's the YouTube link to his night.

I was reminded of this today when Channel 4 posted a link to the Top 10 Weirdest Foods on CDWM to Twitter. I remembered that there had been a guy on there who was a coeliac and if my memory serves me correctly, I couldn't believe how chilled out he was about eating other people's food.

I've had way too many glutening episodes to ever trust anyone 100% (my OH is the only exception) with making me a meal. My mum has tried her best and failed and I've had two restaurant experiences that I would not wish on anyone. Pho in Wardour Street, London and (I never named them before but you know what, if it stops one other person suffering like I did, it has to be done) The Dering Arms in Pluckley, Kent.

Some may consider me over the top, but there's just too many risks associated with being glutened, my health is far more important to me than being considered extreme. I do wish that there were more coeliac people on TV to highlight to disease but when you see some of the kitchen disasters that go on during Come Dine With Me, I for one would not be a willing guinea pig!

Big Brother is the one I would like to see a coeliac on, could you imagine the fuss over the shopping list, and the cost for gluten free alternatives?! That would be an eye opener for most people who live on a regular diet.

I'm off to devein prawns and slice squid. Fishy full moon times.

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