Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Avoiding Gluten Cross Contamination

Joseph Joseph make great contemporary items that are highly design led but also very practical. These Index Chopping Boards are not only great for storage, but also for piece of mind.

Each chopping board is colour coded with index tabs containing a food icon. The green is for vegetable preparation, blue is for fish, white is for cooked foods and red for meats.

Not only is this great for a regular kitchen, as it keeps foods being prepared separate from each other, but it's ideal for a gluten free kitchen where cross contamination may occur.

Cross contamination is a big problem for us on a coeliac disease diet, if there are things to make it even easier to avoid it, they're worth investing in. Even better if they look as great as this too!

There's other Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Boards Available too:
New Style Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board
Index Plus - Chopping Board Set With Co-ordinating Knives by Joseph Joseph

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